In the olden days, Georgians spoke of a mythical patron of hunters and animals, a pagan goddess of forests and mountains. Named Dáli , she was often depicted as a young woman of blinding beauty. 


Each month Fotografia features one of the artists we represent. This month we invited Andrew Kovalev to discuss his new series, Dáli.  Tbilisi-based photographer, Andrew Kovalev, spent nearly a year…

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What makes a photograph iconic?

Giorgi Tsagareli and Yuri Mechitov are two of Georgia’s most respected and talented photographers. Their portfolios include powerful images that have come to define a generation of documentary photography. Collectively, their…

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Five Can't Miss Art Galleries in Tbilisi

5 can’t miss art galleries in Tbilisi

FIVE CAN’T MISS ART GALLERIES IN TBILISI Tbilisi is quickly becoming an emerging destination for art lovers. Its creative scene is bursting with a cosmopolitan energy, which is rapidly altering…

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