Ilford ORTHO Plus 80 135-35mm

35mm, ISO 80 orthochromatic black & white film with fine grain and sharpness – perfect for stunning landscapes.

  • ISO 80 (ISO 40 in Tungsten light)
  • Fine grain, sharp orthochromatic black & white film
  • Can be processed / handled in deep red safelight
  • 35mm, 120 Roll and sheet film available
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Ilford Multigrade Fiber-Based Art Paper (Matt 20.3 x 25.4cm 50pcs)

The Ilford Multigrade Art Paper is a traditional silver gelatin black and white printing paper featuring a textured matte surface with an eggshell sheen. It has a cool paper base with a warm image tone and differs from Ilford FB baryta-based papers by exhibiting shorter final wash times and easier handling due to its 300gsm […]

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Ilford ILFOSOL 3

Fine grain, liquid concentrate, black & white film developer. Giving optimal sharpness and full film speed.

  • Liquid concentrate film developer
  • Fine grain and optimal sharpness
  • Particularly suited to medium speed films
  • Suitable for spiral tanks, dishes, trays and rotary processors
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August #ilfordphototbilisi contest finalists

ვულოცავთ ივლისის თვის ფინალისტებს და ყველას, ვინც ჩვენს კონკურსში მიიღო მონაწილეობა. #IlfordPhotoTbilisi გაგრძელდება მთელი ზაფხულის განმავლობაში. შემოგვიერთდით ჯგუფში Fotografеrs ● ფოტოგრაფები რათა გაიგოთ როგორ წარადგინოთ თქვენი ფოტო კონკურსზე, მოიგოთ ფირები და თქვენი ნამუშევარი გამოიფინოს სექტემბერში. Congratulations to everyone who submitted a photograph to the contest and to our finalists. #IlfordPhotoTbilisi contest continues all summer. Join […]

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