In the age of washed out instagram filters and snapchat selfies, it’s no wonder that film has developed a strong following of loyal luddites. Perhaps no more so than in Georgia, where a thriving analogue photography scene is challenging the digital wave. These five Georgian photographers will make you want to ditch digital and go back to shooting film.

1. Mariam Sitchinava

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Nearly 10 years ago Mariam Sitchinava began shooting film without any formal eduction. Now she’s one of Georgia’s top photographers, working with major brands both in Georgia and internationally. We love her soft color palette and romantic style. Check out her first book Me in You to see some of her best work. 

2. Tina Kazakhishvili

Tina Kazakhishvili‘s work is hauntingly beautiful. She uses film photography to capture multiple exposures and motion to convey memory and emotion. We can’t get enough of her distinctive style and deft use of analogue photography to get the most out of her subjects. 

3. Vakho Khetaguri

Admittedly, Vakho Khetaguri doesn’t always use film, but we certainly love it when he does.  Vakho was born in 1989 in Tbilisi, Georgia. His work mostly focuses on the exploration of the post-Soviet legacy there and the social issues related to it. It wouldn’t be fair to describe Vakho purely as a documentary photographer, even if that’s his predominant style. His work always takes a distinctive artistic approach. Vakho’s handmade books like Dreams and Once Upon a Time are compilations of some of his best analogue photography.

4. Sandro Khutsishvili

Sandro Khutsishvili may not be as well known as some of the other Georgian photographers listed here, but his work is just as deserving of praise. Sandro says he loves experimenting with different kinds of chemistry depending on what he wants to portray and enjoys the limitations of film photography, because it helps be more concentrated. 

5. Gela Shekeladze

Gela Shekeladze is an emerging Georgian film photographer. He recently released his first handmade photography book,  An Invincible Calm, inspired by the existentialist writings of French-Algerian philosopher Albert Camus. We love his mild-toned and dreamy images. 

Who are some of your favorite film photographers? Let us know in the comments below. 


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