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“I have been in awe of her visually the moment i saw her. It has been 10 years since then.” Photographer Louisa Chalatashvili talks about the moment she met her muse Tina Dalaqashvili. “I’ve seen the place a couple of years ago. There used to be an exhibition of Georgian photographers in this building. I remember being quite impressed with the architecture, which I’ve discovered later belongs to a funicular complex. Every photographer is constantly in search of interesting location and the moment. The hat she is wearing had been designed by a Georgian designer. I think as a whole, location, hat and the features of my muse worked together very well which has resulted in the photo you are looking at.” Louisa Chalatashvili is one of the emerging talented photographers in Georgia.

According to Calvert Journal art critic, Maria Teriava, “Chalatashvili’s photography is all about treating eclectic and extravagant settings with a warm natural light and celebrating the magic of the analogue pastel color palette, with a nod to American pop-up.”

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