Giorgi Shengelia Untitled No16


Tbilisi, Georgia , 2020.
Silver Gelatin Printing and toning
ILFORD semi matte paper
Edition of 1
Size 8×12 cm 

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In Shengelia’s work even a simple landscape can be an intense experience, as he says, one print can have a range to tell many stories, it can presented multiple times, each time telling different stories. But sometimes is seems as  the print is here not to tell a story but receive it, almost as a physical object open to new experiences , it can be turned to a different person’s different “portrait”. Given the initial charge by the artist himself, he offers it up for continuation of the energy exchange

Shengelia’s darkroom’s physical space merges and incorporates his internal emotional space and becomes a place of experiments and creation. Shooting itself becomes a secondary process.  The main process starts with identifying the internal condition, and then already inside the darkroom transmitting this emotion onto the print – and if the print’s range allows it, doing it again and again, letting a single negative tell many stories with many layers of emotion. 

Thus the same picture is printed and experimented on twice, 3 times, 10 times, and each time a new photograph emerges. In Shengelia’s work the photograph becomes a physical object, meant to be touched and felt, it is void of artistic canon, and serves only an emotional purpose.

“Accidental Portraits”

Giorgi Shengelia’s family album got burned in a fire. Recreating an authentic sentimental feeling of family archive, but with modern form and concept, became the main inspiration behind his return from painting to photography, and from photography to his new  creative kingdom – the darkroom.  

Shengelia’s  experimental series  “accidental portraits” creates a new kind of “family album” with new kinds of “portraits.” It is the portraits of different fleeting sentiments, emotions, ephemeral feelings where nature, birds, oceans and forests effortlessly  talk about our universal emotions.

Shengelia spends most of his time inside the darkroom, hours after hours the process of printing becomes a kind of meditation. He uses multi-grade and experimental  silver gelatin bleach chemicals to balance the print.


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Dimensions 8 × 12 × 1 cm


Print Size

8x 12

Print Type

Silver Gelatin

Artist Biography

Giorgi Shengelia was born in 1984 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2012 he relocated to Florence and studied photography and photojournalism at the Marangoni Institute. Starting with documentary projects like “four rooms’ ‘ about Georgian immigrant community in Italy, he soon moved back to Georgia focusing more on independent photo projects, later turning to painting. 

For Giorgi Shengelia – who’s family album got burned in a fire, recreating  authentic sentimental feeling of family archive, but  with modern form and concept became the main inspiration behind his return from painting to photography , and from photography to his new  creative kingdom – darkroom.  Shengelia spends most of his time inside the darkroom, hours after hours the process of printing becomes a kind of meditation. He uses multi-grading, experimental  silver gelatin  and ink jet printing and later red blood chemicals to balance the print .


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