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Frozen Waves


Edition of 222
68 Pages
21 x 15.5 cm

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Dina Oganova’s newest limited edition handmade photography book tells the harrowing story of bride napping in the Republic of Georgia. “Sometimes kidnapped girls didn’t even know who would become their future husbands. They had no choice… It was a big shame to come back home after kidnapping. Everybody thought they were not virgins anymore. So, who would marry them, who would marry disgraced girls?! Family didn’t want them back, because they had a new “owner.” It was normal in 90’s Georgia. When I grew up, I thought it was over, but at some point I realized that it’s still happening…” 

Frozen Waves was recently reviewed by Collector Daily. The review, written by is superbly written and provides an in-depth overview. 

“Graceful, like the mesh of a loosely woven net, Frozen Waves carries the weight of five women’s stories. Oganova illustrates them in grainy, often highly contrasted, black and white photographs, ranging from full-bleed, double spreads, down to the size of a cigarette case. Some of her images show clearings or a group of trees, which are so dauntingly framed that they could easily illustrate a tale by the Brothers Grimm. Other photographs depict fragmented street views, parking lots, and obstructed facades of apartment buildings. A grim-looking church stands heavy, like a threat, against a dark sky. Even the wedding dress display in a storefront window feels of sad foreshadowing.”

Read the whole review at Collector Daily.

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