Adrian Scoffham is a Tbilisi-based photographer. Originally from England, Adrian has spent the last several years as a professional photographer in Georgia. Born in London, April 1978 Adrian started out taking photos at the age of 8 on a Voigtlander rangefinder taking advantage of the many trips he took with his family around the British Isles and in Europe to practice shooting. Following in a line of keen photographers and travellers in his family he developed an affinity for photography from seeing their photos from places as diverse as China, Iran, Turkmenistan and Northern Spain.

Adrian started to take photography seriously when he moved to former East-Germany and Poland in the late 1990s – shooting film on colour, monochrome and slide emulsions in 35mm formats and periodically 6×4.5 on Pentacon Six and 24 x 58 on a Horizon 202. He turned late to digital photography, long being unconvinced that the quality achievable was comparable to film, since 2010 he has shot a mixture of landscape, event, street, portrait and personal projects on digital systems as diverse as Olympus, Ricoh, Fuji and Canon. His style is concerned with depth and detail whilst seeking to use as much light as possible in the frame and utilise a wide variety of compositions across his work. He currently teaches teenagers photography at renowned Art Studio in Tbilisi and has published a Calendar of Georgian Landscapes for 2017.

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