On the Road Home

With his project On the Road Home photographer and visual artist Dmitry Gomberg invites us on a journey in search of home. 

Through his imagery we become witness to a collective search for home uniting migrants in New York, shepherds in Georgia, and youngsters in Ukraine. Is it a white house with a picket fence, a narrow street where children play? A rough trodden road to through the mountains?

We see Dmitry’s own family on this journey, as they shift from one world to another, recognizing people on the way with the same questions: Where is my home? Is it where my roots are? Is it where my dead are? Or is it somewhere else? 

‘I never could stay in one place. I think I have no roots at all, nothing holds me in place. Only after the birth of my children did I start contemplating a place to settle. But where? This thought will not let me rest. This is a story of a family, my family, looking for its home.”

Dmitry’s photographs pose universal questions, sometimes borne from a sense of inner displacement, that each of us can identify with. Ultimately finding a home not in a physical sense but home as a feeling, as a safe harbor – a warm morning in bed, even if after a sleepless night.

Artists: Dmitry Gomberg
Curators: Ana Patladze

Organizers: Fotografia Gallery Tbilisi,

When: November 13th – 26th

Where: Fotografia Gallery, 21 Revaz Tabukashvili, Tbilisi, Georgia

Grand Opening: Saturday September 25th, 6pm