Featured Artists

Giorgi Tsagareli

One of Georgia's most respected documentary photographers, Giorgi Tsagareli began his career in the 1980s, just as the Soviet Union was teetering on collapse. Over the next decade Tsagareli captured Georgia's transition ... [read more]

Mariam Sitchinava

Easily one of Georgia's most recognizable names in fashion photography, Mariam Sitchinava has quickly become a leading figure in Georgia's creative scene. Sitchinava is known for her soft color palettes and exploration of femininity, which have brought her international recognition among well-known brands and collectors alike... [read more]

Louisa Chalatashvili

According to Calvert Journal art critic, Maria Borodacheva, "Chalatashvili’s photography is all about treating eclectic and extravagant settings with a warm natural light and celebrating the magic of the analogue pastel colour palette, with a nod to American pop-up." ... [read more]

Yuri Mechitov

Perhaps Georgia's most well-known photographer, Yuri Mechitov is responsible for taking several of the most iconic images of Georgian society. During Soviet times, Mechitov was friends with several of the USSR's most famous film directors and actors, including Sergei Parajanov, granting him unparalleled access to these figures lives ... [read more]



Fotografia Gallery represents local and international photographic talent with an emphasis on the Caucasus and Georgia. We are proud to have so many notable names among our collection and to support emerging artists from the region.