Tsagareli Alternative Photography

Gogi Tsagareli separated photography into two parts- documentary and non-documentary. Although he was heavily involved in artistic processes, he found it difficult to recognize „alternative“ photography and was a classic photo documentarist for more than 20 years. 

After the digital revolution engulfed the photographic world and Tsagareli suddenly decided to return to one of the oldest photographic techniques – albumen printing. He started printing with salt and silver gelatin using egg whites to create his own light sensitive photographic papers.  His work process involved not only shooting and printing but also creating optics and photo-sensitive papers at home.

These were difficult and lengthy processes- a kind of meditation and an absolute contrast from war photography – it was not merely a change in pace but a painful process of transition from war to peace. 

Tsagareli’s documentary and alternative works together give a more complete picture of the man behind the camera. As a person who can concentrate the whole world into his lens – both when it shows the most horrific scenes from the war and when it shows the everyday still life.